3 Ventilation Problems to Check Before Winter

Proper ventilation is absolutely critical to your safety. We’ll start by saying that this article is not a do-it-yourself guide, but rather meant to educate homeowners on serious ventilation problems to look for as you fire up your furnace for the first time this season. The best way to ensure you are ahead of any developing ventilation problems is to have your HVAC system checked regularly by a certified technician. Owens’ preventive maintenance program is our recommended way to keep your HVAC system performing optimally.

  • Blower door fully sealed – Blower doors ensure that the combustible gasses produced by your furnace (carbon monoxide, namely) exit your home safely. They need to be checked regularly for proper sealing. A high-end carbon monoxide detector is a must in every area of your home.
  • Exhaust flue clear of obstruction – With the same cautions as the blower door, combustible gasses need to completely and fully exit the home. Make sure the ventilation to the outside is not covered up by any objects or debris.
  • Properly-sized exhaust vents – Water heaters and furnaces often share the same exhaust vents. They must be sized with proper diameters to accommodate for both appliances to operate and vent concurrently. Test this by carefully putting your hand around the outside of the intake vent while both are running. All exhaust should go straight up the vents and you should not feel any warm air overflowing out the sides.

Having these potential ventilation issues checked regularly by a certified contractor is absolutely critical to you and your family’s safety. Call today to join Owens’ preventive maintenance program and keep safe this winter!