4 Home Safety Checks before Leaving on Vacation

Nothing is better than a well-deserved vacation after five-plus months of snow and cold. On the flip-side, a broken pipe or a fried appliance isn’t the kind of welcome you want when you return home. Perform these simple home safety checks before you leave town to make sure your home is as ready for your vacation as you are.

Water Heater – Set the water heater to vacation mode or another similar lower-heat setting. There is no need to keep water hot when nobody will be using it.

Turn off water valves to faucets and appliances – Water leaks happen within a faucet or a supply line to an appliance far more often than they do within normal piping. Therefore, shutting off the water supply valves that lead to the faucets and appliances is a simple way to avoid disaster, and it is as easy as turning a knob. Valves are typically located in the cabinet directly under the faucet and near appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machine.

Unplug small appliances and electronics – Anything you leave plugged in is vulnerable to a power-surge. Surges can happen in the winter even without a storm. Additionally, most appliances and electronics draw power even if they aren’t turned on. Protect your belongings and your utility bill by simply unplugging all non-critical items prior to departure.

Set the thermostat – The setting should be colder than what you can normally stand, but warm enough for to keep plants and pipes safe; 55-60 degrees is a good range.