Do These 4 Things this Holiday Season to Keep Your Home Safe

Holidays are hectic. We know the last thing you want on your plate is more things to do, but following these four steps will help you have a safe and happy holiday season and reduce the risk of a house fire.

    • Water your Christmas tree

A recent article showed the difference between a fire started in a home with a dry tree and a tree that was properly watered. Watering your tree could keep a fire at bay until you can get out of the house. This could mean the difference between life and death.

    • Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries

We have all heard about the importance of smoke detectors, but Carbon monoxide detectors are important too. Carbon Monoxide is found in the fumes of burned fuel and can be emitted from fireplaces, gas stoves, furnaces, hot water heaters, small engines or cars. If left undetected, carbon monoxide can build up indoors and cause headaches, muscle weakness, flu-like symptoms and even lead to death. All homes and apartments in Minnesota are required to have functioning CO detectors within ten feet of all sleeping spaces. Owens Companies technicians also complete a diagnostic test during every yearly tune up.

    • Make sure your fireplace is cleaned yearly

A dirty fireplace can lead to the fire catching up the chimney and out of control. Have a professional come and clean your chimney yearly to cut down on safety issues. Besides, how will Santa be able to get down that dirty chimney?

    • Keep candles away from presents, trees and children

The National Fire Protection Association says that 12% of all home candle fires take place in December. An increased use of candles to make the season cheery and bright added to the increase of items and people in the home means more fires. Never let a candle burn unattended and keep them out of reach of kids on a flat surface.