4 Ways to Prep your Heating System and House for the Fall

Fall is finally here, and now is the perfect time to get prepared for the winter months ahead. Here are 4 simple ways to prepare for the cooler weather.

  1. Schedule your tune- up
  2. Preventive maintenance will help you recognize if your unit will withstand the harsh and demanding Minnesota winter. Schedule your tune-up today and our professionals will go through an extensive checkup list to ensure you are set for cooler weather.

  3. Change air filters
  4. A clogged air filter can cause your unit to work double time and will cause undo stress on your whole system. Change your filter every six months or more if you have pets.

  5. Feel for drafts
  6. Changes in temperature and moisture levels can affect the way your house settles in the foundation. These shifts can cause drafts around windows and doors. Replace weather stripping before the temperature dips too low. Not sure if you have drafts yet? Ask your Owens professional to check for you.

  7. Check out deals from Lennox
  8. Has your furnace or boiler seen better days? If it is beyond repair, we can help you find the best deals on a replacement. Owens is a certified Lennox dealer and they have some great deals going on throughout the next few months. Give our team a call and we will explain how you can get up to $2,600 off your new system including rebates.

Let Owens Companies get your ready for the falling temperatures. Call us today to book your preventive maintenance checkup. (952) 854-3800