5 Questions to Ask When Replacing your Air Conditioner

This is the most important time of year to have your air conditioner operating in peak condition. Acting quickly is crucial whenever the time comes for replacing your air conditioner. On the other hand, rashly signing-on to the first quote you see isn’t a good idea either. Be prepared to make a wise investment and know what you are getting by asking these five questions when receiving a quote from a contractor:

  1. How will the air conditioner be sized? Believe it or not, many contractors don’t properly measure the home and size the new air conditioner unit properly. Some simply replace the current system 1:1, others try to upsell you more than you need, and sometimes they’ll base the system size on a square footage estimate. None of these are correct. The contractor should calculate the heating and cooling loads of your home, taking into account R-values and window orientation. This process is referred to as the Manual J Load Calculation.
  2. What is the condition of my ductwork, and can it be used as is? Contractors giving an estimate should be prepared to comment on the condition and usability of your current ductwork. They should be clear on whether or not there are leaks to plug and/or cleaning that is needed. It should be clear whether this is included in the quoted price or not. 
  3. How will this impact my utility bill? While almost impossible to predict exactly what your new bill will be, a good contractor should be able to speak to the SEER rating and help customers understand the benefits of upgrading their system.
  4. Are there any rebates, tax credits, or financing available? A good HVAC company should be knowledgeable of current rebates and tax credits being offered. They should also be in tune with financing options available through the manufacturer, and possibly even offer it directly themselves.
  5. What’s the guarantee? A good company will be ready to stand by their work. They should offer a full satisfaction guarantee and explain any warranties offered by the manufacturer. They should also guarantee a completion date for the installation.

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