Air Conditioning and Global Warming

One of our concerns as citizens of a warming planet is to keep informed about methods to combat climate change in our area of expertise. A new study recently released shows that air conditioning and refrigerants that are climate friendly can “significantly slow global warming.” This reasoning is two fold:

  • An older model air conditioner will run more often using more energy to cool more inefficiently.
  • The older refrigerants have a higher Global Warming Potential (GWP) than the new replacements.

Research is always being done to increase the efficacy of our home mechanics. Decreasing emissions, removing and replacing aging equipment, and conscience landscaping help your air conditioning system do its job efficiently. This not only saves you money, but reduces your carbon footprint. Here at Owens Companies, we are passionate about making sure our world is comfortable year round. Not only now, but also for the decades and generations to come.

Owens is committed to help combat climate change.

As our President and CEO, John Owens, recently shared:

“Owens Companies’ commitment to energy efficiency spans all of our 63 years in business. Starting with preventive maintenance — which can reduce energy costs by ten percent and more — to our first Energy Management Department in 1973, and the advent of Energy Management Systems. Right through to today, where we combine both of these services with the replacement of old, inefficient equipment. Including moving to lower GWP refrigerants. We remain committed to helping building and home owners combat climate change, and saving our planet!”

John Owens, President and CEO, Owens Companies

Air conditioning and global warming are not going away, as was well stated by Durwood Zaelke, a U.S.- based environmental lawyer, in a recent news report:

“You need [air conditioning] because the world is warming, but it contributes to warming unless you make it super efficient.” 

Durwood Zaelke

Together, we can make a difference! If your air conditioning system is old, running too often, or seems inefficient, call Owens Companies today. Right now there are rebates available that could save home and building owners even more money on an efficient new air conditioner. Improving efficiency is a vital tool in the fight against climate change, and Owens is committed to helping Minnesotans win the battle!