The Benefits of Converting to a Natural Gas Boiler or Furnace

Did you know that Minnesotans spends approximately $2 billion every year to heat our homes? Now that winter is in full swing, heating costs are likely making you break a sweat. And if you use oil or propane for heating, those costs might motivate you to make a change. Converting to a natural gas furnace or boiler can benefit your home… and your wallet.

Here are a few reasons you may want to consider the switch.

Converting will save you money – One of the reasons natural gas is more cost-effective is because it’s more efficient. In other words, it takes more oil and propane to generate the same amount of heat as natural gas. That makes gas the lowest-cost option for heating, followed by oil and propane, which cost about three times as much.

Natural gas is safer –  Heating with oil means you’re storing tanks in your home, usually in a basement. These tanks can be cumbersome and produce odor and mess. The tanks deteriorate over the years, so you’ll want to make sure you’re monitoring them regularly. Oil can also contaminate the soil.

Other considerations – Gas furnaces are easier to maintain and repair than oil (which means repairs are usually more cost-effective, too). Natural gas doesn’t fluctuate in price as much as oil does, and it’s more abundant. You will have no soot buildup over time with gas. One more benefit – you’ll gain a lot of space without those tanks!

How to Convert from an Oil Furnace or Boiler to Natural Gas

To start the conversion process, you’ll want to take a few steps.

Find out if you have access to natural gas – Does your home have access to a gas main? If not, the utility company will need to run an extension from the main to your home and install a meter. (Make your decision this winter, and you can schedule these plans for spring or summer.)

Get an estimate –  Call 952-854-3800 today or contact us online so we can give you an estimate for the equipment and work required to make this conversion. Our consultations are always free and no-obligation. Our home-comfort experts will walk you through financing options that will work for you and your family.