Building Automation Saves You Time and Money

Imagine it’s the middle of a Minnesota winter and a snowstorm has just shut down the whole city. How can you make sure your company’s building is warm enough and all systems are performing properly? What if you could manage your buildings from home with your own laptop or even your smartphone? This is the beauty of building automation!

Building automation is the automatic centralized control of a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning through a building management system. Owens provides this amazing service to our smaller commercial customers with the ecobee SmartBuildings system. Access all your units in all your buildings with one device. Own buildings in Minnetonka, Bloomington and Woodbury? We got you covered! Heating out in the building? The ecobee SmartBuildings system can allow you to find the exact unit causing issues.

See more information about how ecobee SmartBuildings can help your systems run smoothly here.

And if you have a larger facility with chillers and boilers, Owens has a more robust building management system that do the job with 24/7 remote access

Want to know more about how Owens can help you automate your building’s systems? Contact us today for more information.