Office Temperature Affects Employee Productivity

We’ve all witnessed it, office spaces littered with sweaters, space heaters and personal fans. Large buildings can be difficult to heat and cool and, whatever the temperature setting, leave employers with rampant complaints from personnel. An employer’s first inclination might be to tell the staffer to, “Deal with it”, but … Read more

Outstanding Employees of the Year

Owens Companies celebrated a great year at our annual meeting this week. As we start our 61st year in business, we spent time reflecting on the people who made the success possible. Each year we honor employees who go above and beyond the call of duty with our annual Outstanding … Read more

Too early to plant your Garden?

I hear, to be safe, in Minnesota we are suppose to wait until the 15th of May until we can seriously PLANT our gardens. Some people say wait until Memorial Day to be safe. Well, I cannot wait!  After this past winter, I need flowers, fresh vegetables, and beautiful scents … Read more

Really Easy Fixes

Not fun waking up to snow this morning! But we know that snow in April is short lived, so I wasn’t too worried when our house was cold and we had no heat. But then… after a quick check of a few cold radiators, no windows open, no doors open … Read more