Combat Spring Allergens in Your Home

Spring has sprung and it is time to prep your home for allergy season. Finding the right air filter for your home can help reduce spring allergens in the air. It can also keep your home comfort system’s coils and heat exchangers on the heating and air conditioning system clean.

Get the Right Size Filter

Most filters for residential HVAC systems are 1-inch thick, but some houses have up to 4-inch filters for a higher quality of filtration of air circulating in the home. Check the dimensions before purchasing.

Choose the Right Quality Filter

Not all air filters are created the same. The less expensive models are just thin layers of fibers, oftentimes fiberglass.  When you shop for HVAC filters, look for a model that is designed to capture microscopic particles including bacteria, mold spores and pollen. Those are the biggest causes of spring allergies.

Change Your Filter Regularly

The average filter will need to be changed every 90 days. Have pets? You may need to change your filters more often. Check on your filters every 60 days to ensure you’re not clogged up.

Purify the Air By Removing Spring Allergens

Have a family member with respiratory issues like asthma? You may want to purchase an air purifier. There are whole house purifiers that can be installed on the furnace, as well as table top air purifiers can be moved from room to room. Just make sure you purchase the proper size for your square footage. Look for a higher clean-air delivery rate (CADR) number. The higher the number, the stronger the air-cleaning power of your unit.

Prevent Problems Before They Start

Preventive maintenance will also help make sure your system is running smoothly after the long winter. Our technicians check the ins and outs of your system. Keeps your home comfort system in tip top shape and running at it’s highest efficiency. Learn more about preventive maintenance options today by calling 952-854-3800, or visiting our contact page.