Commercial Customers: Check Your Vents!

We’ve had record snowfalls in the Twin Cities and snow and ice mean more than just bad driving conditions, it also means you need to be aware of your heating units. Commercial customers need to be vigilant this time of year to prevent a catastrophic furnace failure that could shut your business down and hit your bottom line.

Check your furnace vents:

Concentric vents are furnace venting systems that have the exhaust pipe going up or out through the center of the combustion air pipe that feeds the fire it’s air. If either of these get blocked with ice or snow it can shut the furnace down. This vent system can go up through the roof or out of a side wall of the building.

Have a rooftop unit, can’t find the vent or ice present? It may be necessary to call for service if you see ice or snow covering any part of the openings. If your vents are blocked with ice or snow, please call us. Our experts will help clear the area, determine if any damage has been done to your furnace and take steps to keep the furnace in tiptop shape.