Energy Star Benchmarking

energystarOwens Companies is an Energy Star Partner. We have been benchmarking energy costs for our customers for years.

The first step in energy savings is to benchmark your energy costs and compare them to known industry norms and other similar facilities.

Owens Companies takes benchmarking a step further by comparing the other related facility costs; preventive maintenance and repairs.

Studies have shown that a comprehensive preventive maintenance program can save 10%-20% of facility energy costs. All too often, preventive maintenance is selected on lowest price which practically speaking cannot equate to comprehensive. Pennies/sq ft saved are dwarfed by the higher energy and repair costs.

But we don’t stop there. Of even greater cost in a facility is that of the employee productivity when employees are uncomfortable. The number one complaint in an office building is of being too hot or too cold. Lost productivity costs can be measured in the $100’s/sq ft!


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