Commercial Preventive Maintenance


There’s more to selecting a preventive maintenance program than lowest price.

Owens pioneered many of the preventive maintenance practices that are standard today. We were among the first in the country to show how routine maintenance will reduce operating costs, prevent downtime, and extend the life of your equipment.

Today, unfortunately, less experienced contractors are all too willing to sell “low-price PM programs” that may save pennies in the near term, but costs big dollars in higher energy and repair costs over time.


Owens offers a wide range of competitively priced preventive maintenance contract options to suit your requirements.

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Flexible service options to meet your budget.
  • Complete system evaluation.
  • Annual budgeting for operating and capital expenses.
  • Recommendation to improve building comfort, reduce operating and energy costs.

With Owens you get a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through more energy-efficient operation, longer equipment life, and fewer repair costs. It’s a fact. Let Owens benchmark your costs today to see what you could be saving.


We work on all types of equipment including:


Predictive Analysis

Most facility managers are familiar with predictive analysis as a testing method to diagnose an equipment problem that has already occurred. However, by including predictive technology as part of routine maintenance, Owens is able anticipate potential problems and perform preventive maintenance before they lead to serious equipment damage. For example:


Oil Analysis

Analysis of equipment lubricants identifies problems before expensive failure. Owens service technician can use an oil analysis to determine if there is moisture, acid, corrosion, bearing wear, impeller rubbing, and other internal problems with heat exchanger tubes and compressors. The chance of compressor burnout, system failures, and unscheduled maintenance can be greatly reduced by a combination of scheduled analysis and regular tear down inspections.


Eddy Current Testing

One of the major trouble areas of centrifugal, absorption, and large reciprocal chillers are condenser and evaporator tube failures due to erosion, corrosion, mechanical or chemical damage, electrolysis, or any combination of these issues. Highly skilled technicians insert an electronic probe in each tube at the end of a tube bundle. The probe generates a 360 degree magnetic field in the tube wall. As the probe moves through the entire length of the tube, defects create a disturbance in the magnetic field (eddy-currents). The information fed back from the probe reveals abnormal tube wear or tube defects, allowing repairs to be made prior to chiller failure.


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