Discount Furnace Tune-ups Don’t Save Money

With cooler weather right around the corner, hopefully you’ve begun thinking about furnace maintenance. Some of our competitors are once again offering inexpensive furnace tune-ups. Please be aware that you get what you pay for! With Owens you will receive a comprehensive tune-up from our highly trained union technicians, and you will be made aware of any potential problems. This keeps your home comfortable and keeps you aware of upcoming repairs.

At Owens Companies, we stand by our work and employ best business practices by delivering quality service. We aren’t interested in selling our customers a furnace if they don’t need one. If your furnace is red-tagged by another company, we will provide you a second opinion for free. We are willing to stand by the service we provide, and pay our techs a fair, non-commissioned wage. Owens customers can be assured that a tune-up with our service technicians will be fair, accurate, and comprehensive.

When you call a service company, ask for a checklist of items included in their tune-up before you schedule. A discounted tune-up usually only addresses cleanliness and functionality of the furnace. However, safety concerns are often fixed at an outlandishly high rate. As a consumer, a low rate on a tune-up is attractive. However, safety fixes aren’t always included in a discount tune-up. With a low up-front cost, many of these businesses must sell more replacement products in order to make ends meet. This is often at the expense of homeowners who are surprised that their tune-up includes expensive repairs. This makes sense as a business model when employees are paid on commission. Our union techs are not paid on commission and will not recommend a replacement or repair unless it is warranted.

Here at Owens Companies, we value your business and respect your bottom line. We will never sell you something you don’t need, because that isn’t right. Our preventive maintenance plan will make budgeting easier on you when it comes time for a tune-up. Don’t be drawn in by a low-cost tune-up through a company that employs salespeople, not technicians. Here at Owens, we value the long-standing relationships we’ve built with our clients and look forward to maintaining your system with integrity.