Do I Need a Mid-Summer AC Tune-up?

We’ve preached preventive and regular maintenance on this blog from the beginning. Simply put, it is well worth the small investment of a tune-up in order to avoid large operating costs and big, unexpected repair costs later. It is always a good idea to have a maintenance inspection performed before the cooling season, but what about in the middle of summer? Now is the time of year when our AC systems are working the hardest. The temperature is high and the humidity is thick. Air conditioners are fighting to reduce both. This makes it an excellent time for a mid-summer AC tune-up. Here’s why:

More Efficiency – A system not operating at its peak is working harder to achieve the desired indoor air temperature. This adds to your utility bill as the system is operating more frequently and for longer periods of time.

Less Repairs – Similarly, AC units are more likely to break down when they are required to work harder and at longer intervals. Wear and tear increases dramatically and puts the unit’s useful life in jeopardy.

Better Cooling – Quicker and more uniform cooling is often noticeable immediately following a tune-up. This means quicker adjustments, more evenly cooled rooms, and better sleep.

Don’t worry if you missed the spring tune-up. A midsummer maintenance check will benefit your system now and into the next cooling system.

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