Double Check your Fan Direction this Summer!

Ceiling FanFan direction matters. The proper fan direction can make an especially noticeable difference on days with extreme temperatures. This can allow you to raise your thermostat setting, while still remaining comfortable and saving money on utility bills. Many homeowners think they have their fan set the right direction when they in fact do not. This post clears any confusion and ensures your fans are running optimally this summer.

Using fans in the summertime is all about the ‘wind chill effect’. Rotating the blades counter-clockwise and pushing the air downwards creates a cooling effect on the body. For this same reason, having a fan on in an unoccupied room does not lower the air temperature and is a waste of energy.

So which way is clockwise? Are the blades tilted the right way?

The general rule of thumb is: the direction of the ceiling fan can be determined by looking up at it from underneath. You can test the blades are tilted correctly by activating the fan in a way that it spins counter-clockwise. If you feel air pushing down onto you then you’ve confirmed a normal setting. That means the ‘forward’ setting should be used in the summer and the ‘reverse’ setting should be used in the winter.

Take a few minutes to check each ceiling fan within your house. Verify that they are each properly set for the summer months. You will be glad you did!