Earth Day

April 22, 1970, the first earth day. I was in 9th grade- I remember riding my bike about 20 miles to participate in all day festivities at the University of Minnesota. I wonder how we’re doing? Have we passed a strong enough message to our children? I often think there is too much distraction for them to really grasp hold of how important taking care of our earth is.

We moved here 20 years ago from New Mexico, where there is always a drought. I am still stunned in my neighborhood when I see the sprinklers running for hours, at all times during the night or day! Often, the sidewalks are getting most of it!

Here is a site I found helpful in keeping my water IQ current!

So as it is Earth Day today, it’s not too early to think of what we can do, just one thing, to be kinder to our environment.

Changing behaviors, whether it’s by turning off lights that aren’t being used, not heating or cooling empty spaces, and unplugging energy-wasting equipment, can make a huge impact when it’s done regularly and becomes a lifestyle. Change a dirty A/C filter more often, (and recycle it) purchase a smart thermostat, (and use it correctly). Drinking water is really important, but do we need to purchase those plastic water bottles? There are a lot of little things we can all do that will make a difference.

There are also ideas you can implement at work! Invite ideas, get the people involved. Recycle everything. You get the gist!

Another helpful site to give you home and work ideas.


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