Efficient, effective, and potentially cost saving remodeling tips!

As we push past winter, (I know we have a long way to go), we might be thinking of some remodeling, a project we need to fix, or maybe even a landscaping plan. Spring comes fast in Minnesota, and with it comes a surge of energy and motivation, and plans to once again ‘fix something up’!

It is a wise realtor who told me to save money every year, to put into your house and NEVER get too behind in maintenance issues.  Your home is probably your biggest investment and the need to keep things healthy, efficient, and current is really important especially when it comes time to sell!

So, having said this, we have had HARD luck when it comes to finding trustworthy contractors. We’ve survived, but not without pain and frustration. I found this article that I thought I’d pass along that might help you when the time comes to find your contractor.

Happy spring dreaming!


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