Evaluating System Trending Data

Evaluating building systems data is akin to monitoring your personal finance budget. In both cases, it is important to accurately collect data on how resources are currently being spent in order to properly forecast, improve efficiency, and set goals for savings in the future. With the help of the propriety BuildingLogiXTM product suite, Owens is an industry leader in helping building managers save money.

Robust and accurate data on your HVAC, energy management, lighting, and security systems provides the basis for improvement. Analyzing system data over time will uncover where and when major gaps and inefficiencies develop. From there, identified problems can be addressed quickly and accurately for improved performance and then tested to verify energy savings.

BuildingLogiXTM is Owens’ preferred automation system for optimizing building energy management. BuildingLogiXTM reduces operational costs, improves building comfort, and increases occupant productivity. It features an open web-based protocol that gives the end user unique tools like operational dashboards and systems diagnostics that can be used to prepare trend data.

Sound building operation stems from evaluating system trending data. Systems data helps uncover problem areas and identify opportunities for additional savings.

Let Owen’s help you manage your commercial property as efficiently as possible. We’ll show you how to get the data you need to save energy and money.