Five Benefits of a Dehumidifier

Too much humidity in a home can wreak havoc. A dehumidifier is an easy solution. Simply plug one in and let it run quietly in the background. You’ll gain these distinct benefits:

Less Airborne Pathogens – Crisper, drier air is less conducive to allergens such as dust mites, mold, and mildew. Limiting the ability for these microbes to survive will, in turn, make your home smell better too. A dehumidifier will rid your home of that musty or rotting smell.

Better for Skin and Breathing – Spending too much time in moist air will irritate your skin. It can also be hard on your breathing over time.  Running a dehumidifier can immediately improve skin conditions and help your lungs over the long run.

Better for Household Items – A less humid home is good for inanimate items, too. Clothes dry faster. Foods like bread and cereal last longer. Couches and furniture have a longer life span. It is even good for electronics as rust and corrosion are less likely to occur.

Reduces Dust – Believe it or not, running a dehumidifier leads to less dust accumulation in the home. That means less cleaning!

Save Money – Worried about added electrical costs from running another appliance? Don’t be. A dehumidifier may actually save you money on utilities as it will augment the work your AC is doing. Your AC will cycle less since it doesn’t need to work as hard to remove the humidity from the air. Moister air feels warmer; so running a dehumidifier might allow you to get away with leaving the thermostat a degree or two higher, as well.