Furnace blowing cold air? Boiler making weird sounds? Ice Dam Leaks? Who can I trust to call?

In the past, whenever I needed work done on our home, I asked friends who they had used. Sometimes this served me well, other times it ended up, well, not so good!

I just had Ice Dams removed….but at a completely higher price than my neighbor. Same Company, I guess I just looked more desperate, or gullible! grrr

When it comes to the mechanicals of your house, I have since learned that you really need to do your homework. There are a lot of unqualified ‘experts’ out there, willing to sell you many things you may not even need. So how do you find a  home comfort specialist, or ice dam remover you can trust? What constitutes a reputable company, and how do you know the difference between a good company and a bad one? Are the contractors even trained, and do they need to be? Are they insured? What is your liability in all of this? Feeling overwhelmed yet?

Well, here is a site that gives some good tips about about finding a good home comfort technician. Or, do what I do, ask one of our friendly, competent, technicians at Owens. They seem to know a lot about who is good and maybe not so good! Call us, we’ll help you!


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