What Causes a Gas Explosion in a Home?

Gas explosions in a home aren’t common, but when they do occur the consequences are devastating. They are often deadly and almost always result in a total loss of the property. You can find peace of mind by taking a few simple precautions.

Gas explosions in a home are the result of a mechanical failure or leak within something containing the gas. Pressure builds and fills an area inside the home (or garage). An explosion happens as soon as there is an ignition or spark inside the area.

Your best source of warning is yourself. Many describe the smell of natural gas as similar to that of rotten eggs. Headaches, dizziness, or fatigue are other signs of natural gas in your home. You may also choose to purchase a natural gas detector for inside your home. Oftentimes this feature is combined with a CO detector.

If you feel something is obviously wrong, evacuate the house immediately. Do not turn on any lights on your way out. Get to a safe distance across the street and dial 911.

If you don’t notice anything obviously wrong, make sure all burners are turned off on your gas stove. Opening the doors and windows will ventilate the house. Then call your gas company.