Give your furnace a physical!

Furnace filters trap dust that would otherwise be deposited on your furniture, woodwork, and so on. Clogged filters make it hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, and can seriously increase your utility bills. A simple monthly cleaning is all it takes to keep these filters breathing free and clear. Give your furnace a physical with these helpful tips!

Filter management

Disposable filters can be vacuumed once before replacement. Foam filters can also be vacuumed, but they don’t need to be replaced unless they are damaged. Use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner. If the filter is metal or electrostatic, remove it and wash it with a firm water spray.

Professional inspection

Once a year, it’s a good idea to have your heating system inspected by a professional. To avoid the last-minute rush, consider scheduling a furnace inspection in early fall, before the heating season begins. Of course, a preventive maintenance plan can help avoid the hassle of remembering to schedule this call.

Here are signs that you should have an inspection performed sooner:

  • Noisy belts. Unusual screeches or whines may be a signal that belts connected to the blower motor are worn or damaged.
  • A heating system that doesn’t seem to work as well as it once did could be a sign of various problems. Your heating ducts might be blocked, the burners might be misadjusted, or the blower motor could be on its last legs, or it could be something more serious.

Knowing how to give your furnace a physical is a great first step to saving money and energy. Before you do that, it’s a great idea to hire a professional from a reputable and experienced company to make sure your HVAC systems are always in working order. After all, your home probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make. You’ll save money, save energy and be able to check this one worry off your list.

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