Groundhogs Can’t Predict When Your System Will Fail

It is no surprise that the temperatures in our part of the country are making the national news. And while the Groundhog predicts that spring is around the corner, we KNOW we’re still in the middle of winter and that the arctic weather conditions will continue to take their toll on our homes and businesses. It is so important to stay vigilant and make sure you are keeping an eye on your pipes and doing what you can to prevent them from freezing.

Some precautions you can still take to protect your pipes from freezing are:

  • Be careful setting back your thermostat too far at night; even consider not at all
  • Cover your outside faucets with faucet insulators.
  • Add snap-on insulation to pipes in unheated areas.

Here’s an easy to reference checklist of what to do if you think your pipes have frozen:

  • Keep the faucet open, with both cold and hot water running, to slowly unfreeze the pipes.
  • Turn your thermostat up, to increase the warmth of the surrounding air.
  • Contact a licensed plumber if you are not sure where the freeze is, because you may cause the pipe to burst.

If a water pipe bursts:

  • Turn off the water leading to the pipe, to prevent additional water from flowing and damaging your home.
  • Contact a licensed plumber

Owens Companies can help you take additional precautions to protect your pipes by installing smart technology such as low-temperature sensors, “smart” thermostats, and back-up generators. Call us or go online for a consultation today!