How Does the ecobee Smart Home System Work?

Smart home systems are all the rage, but how exactly is the product different than a regular everyday programmable thermostat?

An ecobee wireless thermostat is a smart choice. Most thermostats read the temperature in one place (usually the hallway) which can make other rooms uncomfortable. The ecobee3 uses room sensors to deliver the preferred temperature to the rooms that matter. Remote sensors throughout the home:

  • detect which rooms you use and when you use them
  • determine how long your home takes to heat up or cool down
  • track your local weather throughout the day and adjust accordingly
  • allow you to program your desired indoor home temperature remotely

Using all of this information, your ecobee calculates the proper temperature to set to ensure your heating or cooling equipment runs efficiently.

What if my schedule varies?

If your ecobee3 senses that you are home during your scheduled Away period, or away during your scheduled Home period, it will automatically override your schedule to maximize comfort and savings. You can also program it for short term while you are on vacation. With the ecobee residential mobile app, you can monitor and control your programmable thermostats from anywhere, anytime.

Remote Access?

You can access your ecobee3 from any smart phone/ipad/computer to change schedules, get high and low temperature alarms adjust settings anytime. Going on vacation? One touch can put your home into setback mode. One touch on the way from the airport and your home is back in occupied mode

What about the price?

The ecobee3 is available on line and in many retail stores for $249.  Many utilities are offering a $50 rebate. The ecobee lite is $169.  They encourage home owners do their own installation, but if you need assistance, Owens is here. (For the commercial ecobee EMS SI, please call Owens for an installed price).

The ecobee is a one-time investment that comes with free, lifetime access to automatic upgrades, an online web portal, Home IQ™ energy reports, and mobile apps. With average energy saving of over 25% a great investment!