How Efficient is Your AC Unit?

Higher efficiency air conditioning units are better for the environment and will cut down your energy bill each month. For those reasons and more, every homeowner should understand how efficient their current AC unit is and be able to accurately compare it to the efficiency of models on the market today. Using the industry’s ‘SEER’ rating, you can quickly compare the efficiency of your unit to a new one and make a more informed decision on whether an upgrade it right for you.

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is disclosed on the manufacturer’s Energy Guide label. The higher your SEER rating, the more efficient your AC unit is– almost like a MPG rating on your car. As of 2006, newly installed units must have a rating of SEER-13 or higher, but it is common to see SEER-18 or even SEER-23.

Contact Owens if you are in the market for (or just curious about) a new AC system. We’ll walk you through each step, calculate your yearly savings on a new model, and help you make a well-calculated decision. On top of that, most energy providers in Minnesota offer cash rebates for installing an energy efficient unit. Xcel Energy®, Minnesota’s largest provider, currently offers up to $450 in rebates when a new unit is installed by an approved contractor like Owens. These rebates along with big yearly savings can go a long way in justifying the upfront costs of a new unit with a high SEER rating.