How Often Should I Have my HVAC Serviced?

Your HVAC plays a critical role in keeping your family comfortable and healthy. It quite literally regulates and cleans the air in your home every single day. Not to mention it is also one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your home. For these reasons you owe it to yourself to take good care of your HVAC system. Like a car, it is less expensive to do the little things along the way than to wait for a major breakdown that requires urgent and immediate repair. Regular HVAC service is truly a cornerstone of home ownership.

Owens recommends preventive maintenance be performed twice per year. Ideally, this happens once ahead of the heating season and again ahead of the cooling season. This type of care reduces energy bills by adding efficiency, extends the life of the equipment, and documents system care for insurance and resale purposes. Most importantly, it helps you avoid costly repairs that always seem to happen at the worst time!

We take the worry away and keep HVAC service affordable by offering seasonal preventive maintenance for only $25/month. This includes two service visits by a non-commissioned technician. See our full-list of services provided for more information. Take advantage of one of the best deals in town. Leave it up to us to keep track of regular preventive maintenance on your HVAC unit!