How to Keep Cool without Turning on the A/C?

April and May are two of the easiest months to stay comfortable without turning on the air conditioning. Options to keep cool abound, even on warmer days. Lower energy bills and environmental friendliness will be among the rewards for your efforts. Implement these easy tips so you can live comfortably and cost-effectively this spring without cranking the dial.

Close Your Blinds – This can make a dramatic difference depending on where your windows are in comparison to the direction of the sunlight. Closing your blinds or drapes in areas of intense sunlight can significantly lower the temperature in your home.

Install CFL and LED Lights – Incandescent bulbs give off heat. In fact, upwards of 90% of the bulb’s energy is lost to heat emission. If your house is filled with them they will indeed measurably raise the indoor temperature. Switching to CFLs or LEDs not only use less energy, but also give off much less heat.

Swap Bedding – Put the dark flannel sheets away and take out something light and breathable. If you are investing in new sheets consider choosing natural fibers. Don’t get caught up in thread counts, either. Lower thread counts tend to breathe easier. If your bedroom has lots of sunlight you may want to choose a lighter color that will reflect heat from the sun rather than absorb it.

Use Your Fans – Like the wind chill in the winter, ceiling fans will lower your body’s perceived temperature even though the actual temperature goes unchanged.  Bathroom and kitchen fans help in a different way. Make sure to turn these on while showering or cooking. They will pull the generated heat up and out of the house before it can spread elsewhere.

Take it Outdoors – Intuitively, less heat generated within a house means a cooler house. Use the grill whenever possible rather than cooking indoors. Instead of running the dryer, hang a clothesline and let the wind and the sun do the work!