How to Set Thermostat for Optimum Efficiency

Thermostat settings are all about staying comfortable while maximizing energy efficiency. The first step is to properly set a programmable thermostat for your general lifestyle. Next, make a habit out of observing local weather forecasts and shutting off your AC whenever possible. Lastly, take advantage of small ways to stay comfortable while allowing the thermostat to be turned up a degree or two. Holding these steps in balance will optimize efficiency and lower your cooling bill during the summer months.

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Setting the Thermostat: 75-78 degrees is a good indoor air temperature to aim for during daytime hours when your home is occupied. While away, crank it up to 85 or so. Comfortable sleeping temperatures can vary widely by the individual. The key is to go for as high a setting as possible without significantly sacrificing comfort. If the thermostat allows an additional setting, it isn’t a bad idea to set it at a lower temperature for the first hour or so after bedtime, and then have it come up a few degrees thereafter.

Free Air Conditioning – Too many households don’t bother to check the local weather forecast and take advantage of cooler nights. Even in the summer, there are often nights that get down to the low 60s or even high 50s. Open the bedroom windows, shut down the air conditioner, and rest easy!

The Little Things – Even a few degrees make a big difference when done habitually. Learn what allows you to dial up your thermostat a few degrees when you’re home. Utilize fans, close blinds, dress lighter, and hangout in rooms that feel cooler, to name a few.

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