What a furnace or HVAC inspection should include… and why you need it!

Think of it like an oil change for your car: a minor cost and perhaps a small inconvenience but ignore it and it will come back to bite you! Knowing exactly what you should be getting with a HVAC maintenance inspection is important.  Furthermore, understanding the long-term benefits will help encourage you to continually take care of your HVAC system. We cover both topics in today’s blog post.


The services rendered for an annual tune-up vary greatly by company. It is therefore imperative to clarify ahead of time what will be performed as part of the visit, which should at minimum include:


  • Entire unit checked for proper ventilation and inspected for blockages or leakage; including the blower, vent and drainage systems, and air intake grills.
  • Combustion gases and amp-draw tests performed to manufacturers specifications
  • Condensate drain cleaned and water replaced in trap
  • Proper ignition and continuous flaming of all burners verified
  • Heat exchanger and all wiring inspected for rust and corrosion


With Owens Companies you are sure to get a complete preventative maintenance inspection. The long-term benefits from proper and regular maintenance make the up-front cost easily justifiable. Those benefits include:


Safety – Fuel needs to burn at a precise level and be properly ventilated. The slightest imbalance can be harmful or catastrophic to your family and your property.


Efficiency & Dependability – Systems strained by blockages lead to expensive emergency repairs later. Conversely, clean and well-maintained systems cost less to run and last longer.

Guarantees – Many systems still under warranty require regular inspections be documented. Additionally, keeping record of regular maintenance eases the process of making an insurance claim. Seeing a well-maintained furnace can also be a nice perk for buyers if and when you go to sell your home.