Immediate Money-Saving Tips for New Homeowners

Spring is the season for sold signs. This year’s fierce real estate market makes this especially true. Once given the keys, new homeowners are understandably eager to make their new house a home by putting time and money into the aesthetics. However, by first investing in projects that will reduce your home energy and maintenance costs you will save money for years to come, leaving you plenty of time and cash to focus on aesthetics later.

This list should be top priority after move-in day:

Replace Furnace Filters –Take note of the filter size and buy in bulk. Put a new one in right away and commit to regular changes. A small investment in efficiency that pays for itself quickly, air filters also help keep air quality strong.

Schedule an HVAC tune-up – Call Owens today for an initial inspection unless you have clear documentation that the previous owner arranged for a recent tune-up.

Inspect air ducts throughout the home – Make sure vents are open and clear of debris or blockages.

Install a programmable thermostat – Every degree makes a difference on your energy bill. If you’re replacing an old mercury thermostat make sure to recycle it properly.

Insulation – Check the attic and determine if more insulation needs to be added.

Install LED or CFL Bulbs – The upfront investment is well worth the energy saved. Plus, these bulbs last for a very long time.

Water Heater Jacket – Add an insulation jacket for less than $50. It will easily pay after a few years. Additionally, dial down the temperature on the water heater as much as you can handle comfortably.

These simple, inexpensive projects will save you money from the very first day in your new home.