Is there snow or ice on your gas meter?

Coldest winter in 35 years.  This winter, there has been snow on the the ground in 49 of 50 states. Only Florida escaped! More snow than we’ve had in years. Most school closings EVER. Pot holes that will only get bigger and deeper….Should I go on? Ice dams, flooding, and expect summer to have a late start!

Minnesota winters, are not for the faint of heart. We love the adventure of it all, and we brag about how tough it is and how tough we are, secretly planning any kind of get away we can muster. And yet, there are those select few who retire ‘up north’. Those with original Viking blood.

To make it even more fun, our heating bills have sky rocketed! I learned today about our outside gas meter. Did you know that if your gas meter is covered in snow or ice, it can create a potentially dangerous situation.

The melting snow from your roof or eaves can drip onto your meter possibly blocking the vent on your meters regulator. A blocked vent on your meter could build up gas pressure that can expel gas back into your home or potentially cut gas flow and prevent your appliances and furnace from working properly, or working at all.

First of all, you should know where your gas meter is! Then, you should keep an eye on it! After a big snow, especially if it’s cold, you need to brush the snow off of your meter.

GENTLY brush it clean with your hands or a broom. If the meter is covered with ice, call your gas company and ask them for their help.

If your furnace isn’t working, and we’ve had a winter like this one, it could be because your meter is covered in snow and ice. Check it out. It’s at least something you can look at before you call a professional.

For additional information, check out this link from Xcel Energy.