Is your AC making you sick?

Summertime, unlike the winter, is when we expect to be healthy. If you are getting sick this time of year it could be the weather inside that is the problem! Air conditioners, when not properly maintained, can indeed cause illness. This is sometimes referred to as sick building syndrome. Taking the proper steps outlined here is your ticket to keeping your home or business a healthy place to live or work this summer.

It is important to note that there are claims out there suggesting it is the colder temperatures from AC that increase illness. There is actually very little research or evidence to back this up. Instead, we’ll focus on the allergens and pathogens that can be spread throughout a living space by air conditioners. When moisture from condensation accumulates in the coils and on fan blades it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. If left unaddressed, those disease causing agents will get blown into the air and circulated throughout the conditioned space.

The good news is that this is easily prevented. Putting in a high quality air filter and changing it regularly will go a very long ways. A good air filter will trap and clear out harmful allergens and bacteria before they get blasted into the air. A regular AC inspection is also essential for stopping these pathogens at the source. Owens will carefully inspect the exhaust fan for proper functioning, and will ensure any buildup gets cleaned out. Having this done during each cooling season is the key to keeping a healthy home and workplace.