Late Summer Rebates and Tax Credits

The dog-days of summer are officially here. Our long days have given way to earlier sunsets with their brilliant colors lighting up the sky as a chorus of crickets serenades our neighborhoods. Grasshoppers bounce through our grass as children follow along hoping to catch one. Somewhere in the distance, someone is grilling something tasty. If summer has a feeling, it’s this: warm under the sun, laughter, and happiness. Let’s take it all in while its here.

Hopefully your summer has been cool inside, despite the heat we’ve had! If you’re thinking of upgrading your home comfort system, whether furnace or air conditioner, now is a great time to catch some great deals with available tax credits and rebates.

While you might not be thinking of your furnace when lemonade is on the brain, these rebates and tax credits can make you more comfortable this winter. So if you’re looking to beat the heat, but want to block the winter chill, give us a call today!