Maximize Efficiency by Maximizing Air Flow

Efficiency with your AC unit means you’re saving money and doing your part for the environment. The better air flows through your system, the more efficient it will be. These tips will help you maximize the efficiency of your current HVAC system during the warm summer months ahead.

1. Start Outside with your AC condensing unit. A skilled homeowner can take the wire guard off the unit and clean debris from the exterior of the unit. Next, cut back all vegetation, weeds, tall grass, and other disturbances. Keep leaves and grass clippings away throughout the summer. Make sure nothing but air is getting pulled into the system. Spray and eco-friendly pesticide around the exterior of the unit to discourage ants and other bugs from entering the system.

2. On the inside, ensure all vents inside the home are clear from furniture or any obstructions that could prevent the output of air. Change your air filter with the proper high-quality filter. With a high quality filter, you may only need to change your filter twice each year. Lastly, check your ductwork for obvious holes or leaks and seal with aluminum duct tape if necessary.

3. Monitor the slab that your condensing unit is housed on and periodically check for level. Over time, the unit can sag or settle causing inefficient operation.

4. Install a wireless programmable thermostat if you haven’t already. It is among the easiest and most dramatic ways to save energy, especially if your house is empty during the middle of the work-week.

These simple steps can be easily implemented to make your AC run more efficiently, saving you money while helping Mother Nature!