Keystone Award

Honored to be a part of the Keystone Award program sponsored by the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce. Owens Companies is recognized for contributing 5% of pre-tax profits to charitable organizations.

Low Bid

Hearing of a Boiler project we lost to a low bid. Well, the Twin Cities contractor that did that job either didn’t know what they were doing or didn’t care. The system will not work properly and any projected energy savings will never materialize. Not to mention the boilers will …

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Carbon Monoxide

As the heating season begins, we once again hear of injury and even death from Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. CO monitors are required by State Statute, yet there is no requirement for the level of CO that must be detected. The standard CO monitor purchased from a hardware store will …

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Are you too cold sitting in your office? With the extreme heat we have experienced this summer, many air-conditioning systems may have had trouble keeping up. All to often though, the ac gets cranked down so low that when the weather moderates, the cooling doesn’t and people freeze. Ever notice …

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