Carbon Monoxide

As the heating season begins, we once again hear of injury and even death from Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. CO monitors are required by State Statute, yet there is no requirement for the level of CO that must be detected. The standard CO monitor purchased from a hardware store will … Read more


Are you too cold sitting in your office? With the extreme heat we have experienced this summer, many air-conditioning systems may have had trouble keeping up. All to often though, the ac gets cranked down so low that when the weather moderates, the cooling doesn’t and people freeze. Ever notice … Read more

Air-Conditioning in Hot Weather

With our extreme heat, it is critically important that air-conditioning systems are clean. This means the filter in the furnace and the condensing unit outside. Homeowners can hose down the condensing unit, but if there is any question a skilled technician may be the best to make sure the entire … Read more

Wireless Control

With our new Millennial Net Wireless Control System, building owners can take control of their facilities and save energy at a fraction of the cost of traditional control systems. Wireless energy management technology is not new. What is new is the MeshScape sensor network design. To quote Millennial Net, “….(MeshScape) … Read more

Employee of the Year

With the completion of our fiscal year March 31, 2011, we are pleased to have recognized Warren Miller as our Employee of the Year. Not one for wanting attention, we were finally able to stop him long enough to have a short celebration. A very well deserved award after more … Read more

Welcome to the Owens Blog

After 54 years, Owens Companies is taking the next step in the technological age. Considering the font of knowledge in this company as well as all that we do as a leader in this industry, shame on us if we don’t share it with you. So you can expect useful … Read more