Office temperature is so important

No matter the season, office workers are often uncomfortable with the air temperature at their desks. We see it all the time when we work on office buildings. For example, we see employees wearing sweaters in July, or using desk fans in January. Have a look around your office… are people comfortable with the temperature?

According to a presentation by Cornell University, uncomfortable office temperature can result in performance issues, lost productivity, and employee discomfort. Nobody wants that. If you want to retain staff and improve performance, addressing the office temperature with commercial preventive maintenance is an excellent idea.

We pioneered practices used throughout the HVAC industry today. And with Owens’ comprehensive preventive maintenance programs, your commercial HVAC systems actually get serviced properly and completely. We know how to get the office temperature right.

In our most recent TV ad, we show how productivity can suffer when your office is uncomfortable.

With comprehensive preventive maintenance from Owens, you can avoid HVAC system failures and unexpected repair costs. At the same time, you can put a stop to the constant “too hot” or “too cold” complaints for good.

Don’t let your productivity suffer due to your office heating or air conditioning system. Call Owens Companies at (952) 854-3800 to get started with our expert staff. With Owens on your team, your office can focus on work, instead of the thermostat.