Owens Companies Gives Back

Happy New Year!

Everyone wins when the community is made stronger. We believe, for that reason alone, that everyone has a role to play. Schools, religious institutions, governmental organizations, and nonprofits work hard every day in the name of safety, prosperity, and compassion. We believe businesses and corporations have a role to play, too, and a big one at that!

For over 30 years, Owens Companies has been a member of the Keystone Award Program, where we give at least 5% of our profits back to organizations committed to making our community stronger. The operative word is profits, without which this mission would not be possible. Our profits are made possible by our loyal customers who allow us to be their HVAC service provider — so thank you!

Having a culture of giving back has also proven to be contagious. Each year our employees amaze us with their generosity — be it by volunteering their time or participating in our workplace giving campaign. Furthermore, we have now seen several other companies join us in giving back substantially. While each of our sole footprints may seem small, it altogether surmounts to a remarkably large impact.

Join us. Let the spirit of giving back permeate to you, too. Volunteer your time. Give your resources as you are able and without worrying whether it feels menial. You may just come to find that your contagious generosity unleashes something bigger than yourself. We all have a role to play and we are in it together. Let’s go!