How Plants Can Improve your Health

The Earth’s plants, trees, and foliage naturally fight human induced pollution. They do so by absorbing harmful gasses from the air and literally transforming them into purified air. On a large scale, the Amazon Rainforest cleans and filters the air breathed by the entire world. The same can happen on a small scale… just a few plants in your living room can help clean and filter the air in your home.

Plants absorb particulates, CO2, and other harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) through the process of photosynthesis and turn them into oxygen. Furthermore, the microorganisms living in the soil base are capable of removing benzene, a chemical notoriously produced by smoking tobacco (but also in the exhaust of HVACs and other gas appliances).

Most any indoor plant will help, yet the plants renowned for being the best air purifiers include: Aloe Vera, Spider Plant, Daisy, Ficus, Golden Pothos, Golden Mum, Chrysanthemum, and Azaleas. Don’t be intimidated if you aren’t a green thumb. Many of these household plants are virtually indestructible.

Take advantage of how plants benefit your home. In addition to cleaning and purifying air, plants simply make people feel better. Tests have shown that having plants in hospital rooms can lower the blood pressure amongst patients. NASA coined it “nature’s life support system”, and even stocks its shuttles with air purifying plants for its astronauts. What more credible proof could we hope for than that?