Pros and Cons of Window AC Units

It’s that time of year in Minnesota where simply opening a window or turning on a fan might not be enough to sufficiently cool you. We need AC to come to the rescue! For those of us without a central AC system, a window unit provides the most straightforward solution. Great in many ways, these units also have their drawbacks.

Here are the pros and cons of window AC units:


  • Availability is high. You can find window air conditioners at just about any hardware or home furnishing retailer. There are also plenty of ‘deals’ if you want to scour the Internet.
  • Window AC units are highly efficient, as all the warm air is pushed outdoors. If properly placed and sized, a window AC unit can cool up to 650 square feet.
  • Water drains to the exterior and does not need to be monitored and emptied.
  • Window AC units tend to be relatively quiet.


  • Window AC units can be a security risk, especially if placed on ground level. There are measures that can be taken to improve security, but you’ll likely end up wanting to remove the unit if you are leaving town for a few days.
  • Windows need to be properly sized to fit the AC unit, and have an electrical outlet in range. This can sometimes be a significant challenge.
  • It is hard to direct where the water drains. Aside from picking a different window, there aren’t many other options if water is draining somewhere inconvenient.
  • Some might feel they are a bit of an eye sore. In the very least, window AC units certainly don’t add to the décor of a home. They also immobilize the use of the window.