Protecting your business with the iWave Air Purifier

As businesses look to reopen safely during this pandemic, we’re getting lots of questions about improving indoor air quality. We’ve talked about this a lot with our residential customers, but businesses have different needs. Larger spaces and complex systems make commercial indoor air quality a challenge to “get right”. We’ve been a Twin Cities leader in commercial HVAC for decades; we’re experts at helping businesses navigate challenges like these. Based on experience and results, we proudly recommend the iWave Air Purifier in both commercial and residential settings.

The logo for iWave, provided by Nu-Calgon.
Owens is a proud provider of iWave products.

The iWave Air Purifier uses bipolar ionization with needlepoint brushes to create a precise electrical charge that safely cleans the air. The ionization leaves the air in your building cleaner and safer. And your air will feel great, too! Have you ever noticed how clean the air feels after a thunderstorm, or near the ocean? Then you can imagine how much cleaner your air will feel once we install the iWave in your commercial building.

How does the iWave work?

The ions created by the iWave form a unique plasma region. Pathogens which pass through this region are broken down into harmless oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. In addition, the ions created by this technology bind themselves to harmful particles such as smoke, pollen, and other pollutants in the air. This forces the pollutants to stick together, becoming heavier and eventually caught by the air filtration system.

A picture of two sealed containers, each with a slice of bread and a small liquid cup inside. The container on the left has an iWave Air Purifier attached to the top, and a clean looking piece of bread inside. The container on the right (without an air purifier attached) has a very moldy piece of bread inside. Text inside the image reads "After 14 Days".

This photo is from a recent demonstration of the iWave. In this test, pieces of bread were left in a sealed container for 14 days. One container had the iWave ionizing the air, while the other control container did not. As the photo demonstrates, after 14 days, the piece of bread in the control container was covered in mold, while the bread protected by the iWave Air Purifier was not.

In recent lab tests, iWave products have even been found to inactivate the COVID-19 virus. It’s no wonder businesses across the Twin Cities have been calling us to find out more about the iWave Air Purifier!

Who can use the iWave?

The iWave Air Purifier is available for small and large commercial and residential buildings. The iWave-C system is the device we typically install in commercial buildings. One of these powerful devices is suitable for systems up to 12 tons (4800 CFM). Multiple iWave-C units can be installed if your system is larger than this.

Owens is your Twin Cities expert in indoor air quality, for businesses and homes. Now more than ever, building owners and managers have an eye on protecting everyone in their buildings. If you’re wondering if the iWave Air Purifier is a good fit for your building, call Owens today to learn more.

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