5 Questions to Ask When Repairing your Air Conditioner

Last month, we gave you tips on what questions to ask any HVAC contractor when installing a new HVAC system. The article focused solely on the installation of a new system. We will expand upon that with today’s post which is geared specifically towards HVAC repairs. Here are five important questions to ask a contractor before having your AC serviced or inspected:

  1. Do I need a technician to fix the problem? This last question is for you more than for the contractor. Oftentimes it’s a simple and quick fix that doesn’t require help from a contractor. Is the thermostat set correctly? Did a fuse blow causing the AC unit to not get power? These are examples of issues that can often be resolved by the homeowner. See our article on the 7 Most Common Air Conditioner Problems for a better idea of what might be going on with your system.
  1. Are you insured and bonded? This is a fundamental and basic question that any reputable company will be quick to prove. Let this question lead to others like it. Are they rated by a reputable outsider like the Better Business Bureau? How long have they been in business? What do unbiased review forums say about them? For example, Owens has been committed to 100% customer satisfaction since 1957. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 
  1. Do you offer a free price quote? A good contractor offers upfront pricing no matter the repair. After diagnosing the system, a contractor should be able to offer you clear and justifiable costs to repair the AC unit. 
  1. What are the most likely problems based on the observed symptoms? What you really want to discover here is the contractors understanding of your AC system. You are not necessarily looking for the complete and final solution. But, asking this question gives you a better understanding of what the repair could entail and helps gauge if the technician has full knowledge of what the possible problem could be.
  1. How long will it take to get any parts that are needed? A good contractor is prepared to repair common AC problems. Only if there is a very unique and specific problem should a contractor need to order parts. Even so, ordering parts should not delay the repair by more than 2-3 days.

You can be confident when you call Owens to repair your home AC system.

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