Air Conditioning Services

If you aren't perfectly comfortable with the temperature in your home, call Owens today. We service all brands, models, and styles of air conditioning equipment.

Plus, we offer 24/7 emergency repair services to keep your home comfortable for you and your family.

A man holding a wrench about to smash into an air conditioner covered in tape, with a toolbox on top

You don’t have to try and repair your AC yourself. Owens has your back.

Whether your air conditioner has stopped working and you need immediate dependable AC repair or you want to prevent a problem before it starts, Owens’ cooling experts respond with the speed and professionalism you expect from the market leader.

For dependable AC repair, your Owens’ home technician can service or repair all brands, models and styles of air conditioners. Every one of our service vans is fully stocked with universal parts that work on almost every make and model. And don’t forget about our Seasonal Preventive Maintenance program which will take the guesswork out of keeping your AC running cool all summer.

24/7 emergency service available

Need a new AC system? Owens has the coolest choices for your home.

Whether you’re replacing a broken or outdated system or installing air conditioning for the first time, our experts can help. Different homes have different cooling requirements. Owens will explain the first cost, advanced features, reliability, maintenance & repair costs, and expected lifespan of various equipment choices, so you can select the system that will work best for you.We will take as much time as necessary to properly size and recommend the system that is right for you and your home. A system that is sized correctly usually runs more efficiently, which leads to a more comfortable environment and lower energy bills.

Other companies may be content making rough “rule-of-thumb” estimates based on your home’s square footage or matching the existing equipment size. Owens is not.

We’ll provide a professional evaluation of your cooling needs including detailed measurements of your floor area, total window area, wall area, ductwork sizes, piping sizes, and other essential data for designing and recommending the right system.

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