Radiant In-Floor Heating

Warm and cozy. That’s how you’ll feel getting radiant heating from Owens.

Father Son on Floor Lg

Barefoot comfort and energy efficiency.

Imagine watching the snow fall outside your window while standing on warm kitchen tile; or hardwood floors that are cozy warm; not chilly. Radiant heating works to transform any floor into a warm, efficient surface.

Radiant heating can be the main source of heat for your entire home or just one room. Twin Cities’ homeowners are adding radiant floor heat to existing kitchens, bathrooms, and basements as supplemental heating and to take the chill off of cold floors. You too can enjoy stepping out of the shower onto a warm tiled floor and grabbing a warm towel off a radiant heating towel rack.

You get all this comfort and high efficiency too! Radiant heating systems warm the air close to the floor, warming people and objects, not the air above your head. More than 90 percent of energy produced becomes comforting heat. It is a luxury that can pay for itself.

See the difference radiant heating can make in your home.

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