Response to Star Tribune Article

The Star Tribune recently posted an article “5 Ways to Save Some Cool Money in June” where they suggested to maintain your air conditioning unit by making appointments through your local Home Depot or Sears and suggested homeowners just “check refrigerant levels themselves”. We were shocked at such bad advice and we wanted to set the record straight.

Checking refrigerant levels requires special equipment and knowledge about each specific cooling unit. If levels need to be addressed, then a professional will need to determine if there is a leak and the overall health of your home cooling system. If Home Depot or Sears even offer tune-ups, the service is likely provided through individual independent contractors they have signed up to install HVAC equipment sold in their stores. There are hundreds of independent HVAC contractors out there; we are one of them having been in business 60 years.  A homeowners best bet is to check company websites, Better Business Bureau rankings and reviews to find a local professional. Call one or two companies and see how they respond to you and to determine what their pricing structure is like. Quite simple and more likely, the homeowner will get not just a tune up but a company that will take care of them.

There are great ways to save money on cooling costs this summer. Here are a few we have listed in the past. More tips are on the way, so stay tuned.

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