Robert H. Owens’ Legacy Leads the Way in The Chiller Systems Group Annual Meeting

Owens Companies founder, Robert H. Owens, was a forward thinker. With the passage of the Montreal Protocol and the phase out of CFC refrigerants, he knew the industry would be inundated with misinformation and obfuscation. He realized creating a community of independent, unbiased central chiller service companies was imperative in helping to educate building owners. It was in that spirit that he co-founded the Chiller Systems Group in 1994 with colleague Pat Rucker of Entech Sales and Service of Dallas Texas. The group’s legacy lives on today with Bob’s son and President of Owens Companies, John Owens, along with Pat Rucker and a Steering Committee at the helm.

The Chiller Systems Group is a network of independent contractors dedicated to providing building owners with the highest level of chiller service and a highly qualified unbiased alternative to manufacturer’s service.  Members of the group are committed to sharing information and obtaining the training required to effectively manage the latest technologies.  Group members continually collaborate and attend annual meetings for training purposes, sharing of best practices, and exploring new ways to best meet the ever-changing needs of customers.

This year, the group had their annual meeting in Florida and the turnout was one of the largest in the group’s 24 year history. More than 110 members, guests and sponsors attended the three-day meeting. “We had to turn away some companies that wanted to be sponsors. Our members attend because of our technical focus,” said John Owens. “Our members attend because of our technical focus.”

Attendees received information on some of the latest technologies related to the service, operation and upgrades of central chillers and plants. Included were multiple discussions on the ever-changing world of new and replacement refrigerants.

This organization is just another example of the dedication and professionalism Owens Companies leads to ensure they provide clients with the highest quality service and stay up to date on the latest trends in products and services. For additional information on The Chiller Systems Group and to apply for membership or to be a sponsor of the organizational efforts, please visit