Salaried vs. Commissioned Technicians: What is best for the customer?

In the world of heating and air-conditioning service, there are two different types of employees – commissioned and salaried. It is often clear when you are dealing with salespeople who are on commission. Like when you come to the car lot looking for a reasonably priced sedan and yet the salesman asks you, “What would it take to get you to drive home a sports car today?” We all know that feeling of being “sold to”. It isn’t fun and it isn’t the way we do business here at Owens Companies.

Owens hires salaried employees. This means you can know for certain that the person that comes to repair or replace your heating and cooling systems are not encouraged to sell you something you don’t need (like replacing a perfectly good furnace) and they won’t cut corners to put more money in their pockets. Our employees represent us and our nearly 60 years of business in the Twin Cities area. We do not take our reputation lightly.

We hire only experienced technicians with at least five years of training. In fact, each professional has been through two years of trade school and an additional 4-5 years of apprenticeship before we will even consider them for hire. You won’t get that promise from many of our competitors. This is the experience necessary to guarantee the job is done right the first time.

Did an Owens competitor tell you that you need an expensive replacement or repair? A “cracked heat exchanger” or a “CO or gas leak”? Let us be your next call. We’ll give you a logical diagnosis and a fair price if work is warranted. We won’t try to sell you things you don’t need. We will give you a free estimate and discuss all of your financing options clearly. Our technicians are here for you.