Should I Repair or Replace My Commercial Rooftop System?

There are over 10 million rooftop units in the United States and many of those are over 15 years old. Making the decision to repair or to replace your rooftop system can be difficult for any company. Many will look at the immediate price tag but doing so may cost you more in the long-run. Ask yourself the following questions to determine what is best – repair or replace – for your company’s bottom-line.

Am I properly maintaining my rooftop unit?

Properly maintaining your rooftop unit can extend the life of your system, yet sometimes companies shop for the least expensive maintenance package, or worse, forego the cost altogether. Preventive maintenance can optimize your unit’s performance and help you spot problems BEFORE they become an expensive headache.

Is my rooftop system under 10 years old?

Did your unit finally give out? Is your system under 10 years old? Good news! Your system may be under warranty. Make sure you have the following information and contact a qualified contractor like Owens Companies for replacement information:

  • A copy of your warranty
  • Up-to-date maintenance documentation

Is my rooftop system large enough for my commercial space?

No amount of optimization can help if your rooftop system is too small for your space. Follow this helpful square footage guide (inset link) and talk to one of our professionals for an estimate.

Am I preventing rooftop unit failure?

Planning for replacement now is less expensive than waiting until a catastrophic failure down the road. The average lifespan of a rooftop unit is 15-20 years. If one of your units is about to fail, it may make sense to replace all your units at the same time. Doing so will help save on labor and crane costs and prevent future failures. Take advantage of tax reductions and lower operating costs.

Asking yourself a few simple questions can help you determine the right path for your company. Talk to your Owens Companies commercial professional today for more information and to schedule your in-person free estimate. We are always happy to provide budget numbers for a commercial rooftop system repair or replacement so you can fit the expense in when it works best for you.

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