What is “Red Tagging” and What Choices Do You Have as a Consumer?

red tagging

The following is derived from the document “Red-Tagging Tips for Consumers” created in tandem with the BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota and Owens Companies. Being told that operating your furnace is dangerous to your property and the health of those inside your home can be a frightening, high-pressure situation. This process, called ‘red-tagging,’ usually … Read more

Response to Star Tribune Article

A picture of an older home

The Star Tribune recently posted an article “5 Ways to Save Some Cool Money in June” where they suggested to maintain your air conditioning unit by making appointments through your local Home Depot or Sears and suggested homeowners just “check refrigerant levels themselves”. We were shocked at such bad advice and we wanted to set … Read more

Setting your Thermostat to your Priorities… Cost vs. Comfort

smart thermostat

Staying comfortable in your home while remaining energy efficient is one of the quintessential offerings of this blog. Oftentimes, cost savings and environmental friendliness are key motivators. Comfort, on the other hand, is something the average homeowner is not willing to sacrifice. This post quantifies the cost to cool a residential home, making it easy … Read more

Do I Need a Mid-Summer AC Tune-up?

maintenance ac tune-up

We’ve preached preventive and regular maintenance on this blog from the beginning. Simply put, it is well worth the small investment of a tune-up in order to avoid large operating costs and big, unexpected repair costs later. It is always a good idea to have a maintenance inspection performed before the cooling season, but what … Read more