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Building Automation Saves You Time and Money

Imagine it’s the middle of a Minnesota winter and a snowstorm has just shut down the whole city. How can you make sure your company’s building is warm enough and all systems are performing properly? What if you could manage your buildings from home with your own laptop or even …

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Four Ways to Benefit from Building Automation

The variety of occupant demands on commercial buildings is unprecedented; and building systems must respond to meet the demands in remarkable ways. For example, schools must maintain a comfortable environment for learning by day and transform to host an array of community meetings and sporting events in various areas of …

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leed certified

What is LEED Certified?

Short for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, LEED is a building certification that is recognized worldwide and signifies sustainability (environmentally, socially, and economically responsible buildings). Big or small, commercial or residential, new or old; any building structure is eligible to be awarded LEED certification. The process to becoming certified …

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Evaluating System Trending Data

Evaluating building systems data is akin to monitoring your personal finance budget. In both cases, it is important to accurately collect data on how resources are currently being spent in order to properly forecast, improve efficiency, and set goals for savings in the future. With the help of the propriety …

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Choose Owens as Your Commercial HVAC Contractor

Owens is the Twin Cities’ leading commercial mechanical contractor. For renovation, ongoing support, or emergency services — we offer comprehensive solutions to meet every need. You can count on us for: Design/Build Contracting Retrofit and Modernization Building Automation Controls Energy Management Preventive Maintenance We deliver results not excuses. Being a true …

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On Again, Off Again: A Short Cycling Furnace

HVAC systems are designed to shut off when something isn’t right. This keeps you safe. When shutdown happen several times in an hour, it’s called short cycling. Your furnace wants to do its job but keeps running into the same system failure. Short cycling is extremely hard on your furnace and …

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